Wednesday, April 26, 2017


HOPE - What hope means a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. When I hear the expression hope, to me i think of myself in a deep tunnel and when i look to the end there is a bright light and a voice in my head saying just keep climbing you will get there. Our hope comes from GOD. in the bible it say that “our hope comes from god”, and if you believe yo may have that hope because into a reality. To me god give you hope but it is your choice to take it, you also have to give yourself hope that everything will work out the best it can. When i was a freshman I started basketball on Jv and i use to think i wasn't good enough to be on varsity and if i did i would never get playing time, but then one game one of my favorite games that i have did so good coach T came to me and pulled me aside and told me that i was gonna get moved and then her told me that i might not get a lot of play time but when i get in the game just play solid defeats and you will be good so then my 10 grade year came and i started every game and started scoring and all because my coach gave me hope that i was s good s the other girls and i just had to show it .

Monday, March 20, 2017


In the story of “The One That Walk Away From Omelas,” as I was reading this passage I notice the the people of Omelas had a kid that was in a basement but they had the assumption that if they let that kid out that their lives will never be the same, and to them doesn't seem wrong just like us and our society don't notice what is going on and isn't away because think that everything is just so normal. The child in the basement to me is like freedom if the kid got out nobody would have freedom anymore if he got out. The kid was way people lived around and thought that if her never seen light that the people of Omelas would me free. The ones that walk away are the ones scared or just following what other people around them are doing. No one really cares how the lil kid feels and they never will because he gets no justice so that  other people can be happy. And to them it is normal bu on the outside it like who would do that to a little kid? Why can that kid just be happy and live in a kids world get to explore things and more. Kids should just be put in a basement not to ever see light to stay dirty never get to be clean and it like well dang kids should never have to live in environment like that because the have no say so they are living no life and it's just a waste of breathes.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Social Justice

Charles L. Robbins in the ted talk “Social justice -- is it still relevant in the 21st century?” Robbins talk about social justice. Charles says that “ social justice is a place that everybody is free to achieve everything they are capable of doing ,where there is a free playing field.” and in his ted talk he talks about why we don't really have social justice and how we can change that to where we all can. I agree with him because social justice means, justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society, and we don't have that because we still have raepe racial coments that come out and people can't like who they want to like without getting judged.

There was another ted talk that also agreed and that also agrees with him. Lone Wells in the ted talk “talks to help you understand social justice” she talks about how she got attack from the back was raped and beat, and she wrote a letter to the men that you won't take me down and you won't make me weak she wanted this letter to go out viral because she wanted people to see how her walking on the streets isn't safe and she doesn't and can't have freedom in walking on the street without her worrying about things or her getting assaulted again. Robbin says that there is 1 out of 3 girls that get rapped in the world and some get teary where they dnt wanna live any more which get there life in danger and that person can never live the same and some get over it. But is that really justice ? is it justice that you have to constantly hope that you won't get snatched and raped for walking in the world, could be just walking down the streets or walking home. Well also talks about how girl commented on her paper and they started telling their stories and it relies ome girl she was reading the comments and she said that if other girls are able to get over it and she can live life she said so can i she wasn't letting the attacker take everything she had from her.  Both speaker say that the victim is the one who was always getting in trouble she wanted the attacker to take the blame for what they did. Wells think that not only is it bad but it should be the thing that goes on tv more that not all of us are free because things happened to us . we got injustice and it shameful that tht person wouldn't want to take the blame. Make noise so that people are able to hear and to watch how the world has no justice.

To me justice is the last thing the world has because justice means for right things to happen and somewhere in there world everybody has a story but are to quit and holds it in and where s any justice in that . they got something so precious taken . so i agree with both speaker that social justice isn't found often.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

happiness( watched graham hills)

Happiness is everyone focus, but they way i have been learning happiness comes is by doing daily live things to not focus on happiness. I just finished watching Graham Hills and he was explaining that they way we live now is also why we aren't very happy. We have 3x space then they used to have back then but since we have more space we are more stressed too. We are stressed because we have more space that we want to fill and when we wanna fill in spaces we use money to do that, which sometimes puts us in depth. When we try to fill happiness its because we feel empty like nothing we do is helping me fill this space and it's because we feel like we need everything, such as we have to have shoe that others have so people can call us cool and things like that, thats is also another reason why we can't be happy we are stressing to be like other people and fill your life with the things that people have and we don't and now we are in a situation where you are broke because you fill that empty space with money . Just because we have extra space doesn't necessarily mean that we have to fill it is is space because we don't need everything filled atg once in our life and that what us human being does get. My fill and fill because we wanna be happy, which also goes back to you can't just focus on happiness because it's gonna take from other things.

Friday, January 27, 2017

the video blog

In the blog if dan gilbert, he talked about “synthetic happiness” and howl it affect people and make up thing to make them feel like they had happiness and they really didn't. Synthetic happiness  is when you try and make happiness out of nothing and it not true at all.
In the blog Dan Gilbert talks about how this man went to jail for 10 years and later that year went to court and basically did time that he shouldn't of did and he say it was a great experience and he wouldn't change nothing, but a human would not just say  that they would be infuriated because the lost 10 years of their life that they should've never had to serve because the olives didn't know better. I can relate to this because somethings when you are on a team and you have captains, the captains get in trouble or held accountable for the whole team's mistakes because it started with them. Captains can say that the whole time it was a great experience and in some cases there was and in others they weren't because they had to hold a lot on the hand but also got the time to be happy that is real happiness and it not made up because even though you get things blamed on you for doesn't mean you should never try and be happy again its that isn't where you found happiness so don't try and make happiness out of it

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Everybody ask is happiness needed in life, why is happiness so important? Happiness is important because without happiness you life is cloudy your always done and you will never be able to get anywhere in life………. When i say this it doesn't mean to force happiness in your life because then you will really be miserable, but my meaning for that is to live everyday like it is our last one. Do not change happiness because that all you will be concert on and all your other goals will disappear. In my life to me happiness is when i'm at home with my family. To see my mom and dad face everyday is a blessing and the most of my happiness because it like i got lucky that my parents been together for 27 plus more years and never split up and i get to walk and see both of them at once. Another one is my best friend she has been with me through thick and thin through these last 7 and probably more years and it just nice to see you have someone else where you can just lean on them and the are gonna hold you up. Being on the basketball quote shoots happiness all through my body it's a place that i can be myself show what god gave me and use something out of it instead of being on the streets and smoking weed and things like that, and the last but most important is my relationship with god, it not as strong as it can be but glad to have something with him. All these thing i never forced on myself and they just came and they bring so much joy and happiness with them..Image result for happiness

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Passion and Perseverance

Passion means to have a strong emotion for something and perseverance means something that you just won't give up on. One thing that i will never give up on no matter how much trouble it can get me into is basketball. I have a strong passion for basketball and if someone ever took that away from me i feel like someone took away my life and i would never give up on basketball just because what i promises my grandma.  One person that  i know who never never gave up is martin luther king he fought for me and yours life. He gave up his life so that i can be treated just like any other human beans in this world i really wish that i can give so much thanks to him.Someone in basketball that never gave up is Micheal jordan and he really is my role model and with out hm i think that i would never have as much passion that i have for the is like my favorite thing in the world my love for basketball is infinite and i am glad that i have the chance to be in there, because of martin luther king and micheal jordan they are ledgendry to the world and to me every time that i think about giving up i think of them and also my grandma my grandma never every gave up even through cancer has took her life she never ever give up .